The First Vermont Fun-a-Day Art Show is almost here!

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It’s show sign up time! If you didn’t receive an email from, make sure to email us and we’d be happy to hook you up.

Great job and keep on creating!

Photo Set

Check out some of the awesome projects our Fun-a-Dayers have been creating!


Getting a little stuck with your Fun-a-Day? Take some advice from Donatella and remember that “creativity comes from a conflict of ideas”.


Dear Art Adventurers,

It begins today! 

Create! Build! Explore! And above all- just do. Art isn’t about perfection, its about actually putting pen to paper, brush to canvas, and starting all of the amazing projects you are about to embark on. 

Remember to email with your idea to receive project and show updates. An email went out this morning, so if you didn’t receive it or would like to use an alternate email, let us know!


Have fun!


In this brief holiday lull before New Year’s, we wanted to share a few of our participant’s Fun-A-Day project ideas to help inspire others who still might be deciding. Today’s inspiration:

1). A painting-a-day inspired by Mary Oliver’s poems - Sarah

2). Random Act of Kindness-a-day - Lauren

"Each day I will either volunteer my time at a local non-profit  or do a random of act of kindness. I will document my Acts of Kindness either through a picture or a written reflection. I decided to do this instead of making something because I want to be more involved in my community. January is a rough time for many people and I think volunteering my time or creating something to help better my community is a great way to make that bleak the month pass more joyously! "- She is looking to do a collaborative art project so if you would like to join in her Fun-A-Day, feel free to email at

3.) Snail Mail art-a-day- Meghan


The Fun-A-Day show will take place on Saturday February 9th at New Moon in downtown Burlington! New Moon is generously donating their amazing, large space to support local art. Check them out at


"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people"

- Leo Burnett